Who can buy from Sheenlac Paint Store?

Sheenlac Paint Store is ideally suited for bulk buyers of paint. These are predominantly Paint contractors, Builders etc…

Is there a minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is only applicable for "Deal of the Day" products. For individual products, the minimum order quantity is mentioned on the concerned product page along with price and other details. However, we recommend that the minimum order volume is atleast 9 Tons for individual products due to the applicable freight charges ( Rs. 8000 for 0-9 Tons, Rs. 13000 for greater than 9 Tons ).

Some of the products are not available in Sheenlac Paint Store. What should I do?

Sheenlac Paint Store at present does not offer all the products manufactured and marketed by Sheenlac Paints Limited. You may contact the nearest paint retail outlet in your locality and buy the products not available on Sheenlac Paint Store.

I have registered in Sheenlac Paint Store. When can I start placing orders?

Within seven working days of your registration, one of our company representatives will visit you personally. Kindly keep the following documents ready needed to sign an agreement with Sheenlac Paints Limited. After signing of the document, we will send an email and SMS activating your account. You can then start placing orders on the site.

What are the payment options currently available for purchasing paints at Sheenlac Paint Store?

Sheenlac Paint Store is currently accepting payments only in Cheques. We will soon be implementing Net Banking and other online payment options.

Are there any shipping charges involved for delivery of products?

Yes, the shipping charges would be dependent on the volume(tonnage) of products purchased as follows: Rs. 8000 for volume between 0 to 9 Tons, Rs. 13000 for volume greater than 9 Tons.

Is there any refund policy for the products once purchased?

In the rare case of an issue in the quality of the product or delivering an incorrect product or a damaged product , please get in touch with ccc@sheenlac.in and we will assist you in ensuring the product is replaced after verification of the mentioned product issue.

What is the approximate delivery time once the order is placed?

Delivery can be between 15-20 days depending on the availability of stock.

What if I forget my login details?

In case you forgot your password, you can retrieve the same using the “Forgot Password” link available in the Sign-In section. In case you have forgot your email ID, kindly send an email to ccc@sheenlac.com mentioning your Complete Name and alternate email ID, and we will provide your login details on this alternate email ID.

I added products to my shopping cart, but registered only while checking out. I received a message that registration is successful, but could not proceed ahead?

On registering our sales representative will get in touch with you using your provided contact details and assist you in completing your order.

Is there any limit on the number of products that can be ordered at one time?

No. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of products that can be ordered at one time.

Is there any minimum ordering amount for placing an order?

No. There is no minimum amount criterion for placing order online.